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Tree Operation Details

Crown Reduction

This would be undertaken where a tree is to be retained but is becoming too large and imposing. Sympathetic reduction of tree crown allows in more light, reduces tree size but still maintains tree shape.

Crown Thin

This is a less severe operation but still allows more light through the tree crown by skilful pruning.


This operation is a severe prune, normally resulting in removing all branches and just leaving a stem.

Tree Removal

This is the operation whereby a tree is skilfully removed in sections or felled in one. This is a last resort where a tree is either dead, dying, dangerous or just too big for it’s situation.

Stump Grinding

Removal of stump to a depth of 18” using a stump grinder.

Tree Planting

This is the planting of new trees wherever needed – large or small. This is essential to keep our beautiful tree heritage going.

Hedge Cutting

Hedge Laying


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